Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Achievements

The 10kg test.

Our finished product
Prize Presentation. We were fourth place with our prototype actually managing to hold a whole lot of loads with a total mass of 25kg.

Our group had only done the 10kg test, our prototype not really making it to the 20kg test and the 25kg test at first, thus why we had limited number of sticks to construct the prototype. (After passing every test, we would be given an extra 90cm balsam stick to work with to strengthen the structure and whatnot.)

So we were very shocked to see that it had actually passed even the 20kg test in the final round of testing. :D

Our Objectives

The objective of this project is to design and build a prototype for a water tower. The water tower must be at least 30 cm and maximum of 35 cm. We are only allowed to use 3 Balsa wood sticks and glue and other tools to build the water tower. The water tower must be able to carry a certain amount of weight and the group that carries the most amount of weight will win the “friendly competition”.

Overview of Project

Water tanks are usually used to store water for human consumption. Using the balsa wood project teaches us about the issues important to the design of real civil engineering projects as it touches on the principles of building and construction trades, engineering and physics. The structure prototype that is constructed has to be able to support its own weight and withstand the greatest amount of forces before collapsing, just like how a structural engineer designs a structure such as buildings, bridges, towers etc. to withstand different types of loadings. The design process is both creative and technical and requires a fundamental knowledge of material properties

Our Team

From left to right: Ryan Lai, Valery Tan, Bryan Sim, Carissa Liew